1. The taxpayer must have either a current account or savings account (Passbook or ATM)with any on-line LANDBANK branch in order to avail of the eTPS facility.
  2. The taxpayer shall enroll at the LANDBANK branch where his/her account is maintained or will be opened.
  3. The taxpayer shall accomplish the e-Tax Payment Enrollment Form provided by LANDBANK, in duplicate (copy 1-LANDBANK Branch, copy 2-Taxpayer). For corporate taxpayers, a Board Resolution authorizing enrollment of the account(s) and designating authorized users/enrollees shall be required.
    No erasures shall be allowed on the e-Tax Payment Enrollment Form. In case of errors in accomplishing the form, a new form shall have to be accomplished.
    The taxpayer is required to have an e-mail address to effect communication between LANDBANK and the taxpayer.
  4. The User ID No. (limited to four characters) and the system generated provided by LANDBANK shall be delivered by authorized courier to the taxpayer to ensure authorized access and proper identification in the system.
  5. As an added security precaution, the Password provided by LANDBANK must be changed immediately on the first access of the system by the taxpayer. It is advisable to regularly change your password to avoid third party disclosure.
    Password is case sensitive. It is important to remember exactly how you first entered it. Likewise,choose a Password that could not be easily identified with you to avoid disclosure to other parties.
  6. In case of need to change password (due to loss or forgotten) or authorized user(s)/enrollee(s), the user(s)/enrollee(s) shall accomplish another e-Tax Payment Enrollment Form and submit the same to LANDBANK branch where the account is maintained.

Electronic Tax Payment System

In support of the Bureau of Internal Revenue's Electronic Filing and Payment System Facility (EFPS), we offer our own Electronic Tax Payment System (ETPS).
to pay your taxes on-line.
to view your Tax Payments
***Note: All payments are subject to the 11:30 pm cut off time on a banking day. Payments received beyond the cutoff time shall be processed the following banking day.

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